Synagogue ISTOCK

A. Minyans (prayer gatherings) in which there are usually more than 100 worshipers must to ensure that they do not exceed the number allowed (100 men and women).

B. Whenever possible, Shabbat minyans should be split into different hours or places to reduce the number of worshipers.

C. Ensure ventilation through open windows in the synagogue.

D. Those who do not feel good, and those who develop respiratory symptoms, are not allowed to come to the synagogue.

E. It is preferable that people in at-risk groups pray at home.

F. Effort should be made not to prolong prayer, and to shorten Torah speeches.

G. Be careful not to shake hands, not to kiss a Torah scroll, mezuzah, and prayer books. It is preferable to bring a personal prayer book and Humash (book of the Torah) from home.

H. Be careful to wash hands with soap, try to have bottles of alcohol at the entrance to the synagogue.

I. At the end of the prayer, people should disperse and not gather outside of the synagogue.

J. Please pay attention to neighbors, the elderly, lonely and the like and help them in their daily functioning during this complex time.