Rabbi David Singer
Rabbi David SingerYossi Baumol

Rabbi Dov Singer, head of Yeshivat Mekor Chaim and the Beit Midrash L'Hitchadshut, emerged as a corona patient after returning from the United States from the launch of his book "Prepare My Prayer: Recipes to Awaken the Soul.”

In Israel, the book has become a bestseller and, following the great demand, was also translated into English for Diaspora Jewry. Rabbi Dov feels good and is in isolation and being treated.

Rabbi David Rabinowitz, head of the yeshiva alongside Rabbi Dov, in an open letter to Mekor Chaim students, wrote:

Dear Friends,

Ministry of Health guidelines require me and many others to be in isolation. Of course, I will adhere to them despite the difficulty involved, especially in not saying Kaddish for my esteemed mother-in-law. I ask that any of you who are also required to go into isolation do this.

I want to share with you some thoughts that came to me this morning, while on the phone calls and the Whatsapps. We really learn how much we are related to each other, how there are little threads that actually connect us to each other, how much we breathe each other, and how the breath of one of the members affects us all.

How every word that comes out of us creates a reality, and if this is true with respect to negative things, how much more so for positive things.

I suggest that we all take the days of isolation as a time of reflection, personal time standing before the King of Kings. We will also try to establish telephone study sessions for further study. This is also the time to call a friend, rejoice with him, say kind words, to increase the clean and healthy air between us.

The entire staff will also be happy to keep in touch with you students. Feel free calling, sending a message, updating and relating. Let us do this with greatness, with the help of God.

Love, David