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The Ben Gurion Airport train station will be closed to passengers arriving in Israel to prevent the possibility of coronavirus patients arriving in Israel traveling by train from the airport and causing many people to become infected.

The trip will only be allowed for airport employees and air and ground crews, as well as for domestic fliers who can produce their airline tickets. The guidelines will take effect beginning tomorrow.

Employees at Ben Gurion Airport and the air and ground crews will be identified by presenting an employee badge. Traveling by train for domestic flights will be made possible by the display of their air tickets. Without the ticket, travel by train will not be possible.

Transportation Minister Bezalel Smotrich said: "In accordance with an up-to-date assessment we have conducted, and for the sake of the public health and the health of railway workers, we have decided that starting tomorrow, it will be possible to train at the Ben Gurion Station only for employees presenting an employee badge and those coming on domestic flights to present the air ticket. We expect understanding and cooperation from the public. Happy Purim.

Earlier Tuesday, the Airports Authority decided on a series of measures in addition to those received earlier this week in response to the continued spread of the coronavirus in Israel.

Terminal 1 will continue to work for domestic flights only, Terminal 3's operational activities will be conducted from Arm C and D only.

In addition, all temporary workers have been placed on leave without pay, and in coordination with the Finance and Workers Committees went on early retirement.