Ya'alon and Gantz
Ya'alon and GantzElad Malchah

Former Defense Minister and Blue and White leader MK Moshe Ya'alon has demanded that two of his MKs resign over their refusal to support the formation of a minority government dependent on the outside support of the Joint Arab List.

Ya'alon made the demand to MKs Zvi Hauser and Yoaz Hendel, who are members of the Telem faction which Ya'alon leads.

At the same time, Blue and White Chairman Benny Gantz criticized the two members of his party: "In Blue and white there can be a variety of opinions, but there is only one position and decision - that of the party's chairman, not senior officials and associates."

Yesterday, Channel 13 News reported that a heated conversation took place between Ya'alon and MKs Hauser and Hendel.

The two told Ya'alon that they would not allow the formation of a government supported by the Joint List, and reminded him that had been the position of the party leaders on the eve of the election.

Ya'alon, according to sources outside the room, shouted at the two and the conversation was difficult. As noted, Ya'alon made it clear to them that in the event of a future vote on such a government, he expects them to resign from the Knesset and not vote against the faction's position.