Benny Gantz
Benny Gantz צילום: אופק אבשלום

Srugim reported that a survey conducted by Shlomo Filber's Direct Polls Institute indicates that at least half of Blue and White supporters are opposed to a minority government alongside the Joint List. The survey also indicates that about half of the Israeli public supports the establishment of a unity government.

30.3% of all voters said they favored the establishment of a Blue and White minority government with support from the Joint List. When just Blue and White supporters were asked the same question, less than half (49%) said they would like to see a minority government with the Joint List.

Only 1.4% of Likud voters said they favored a minority Blue and White/Joint List coalition. According to the survey, a significant majority (46.5%) of voters support a broad Blue and White unity government with the Likud. Approximately half the Likud constituency (52.8%) and 41.5% of Blue and White voters endorsed such as an option.

The survey also found that 22% of all Israelis viewed another election as the optimal solution to the impasse. 8.2% of Blue and White supporters preferred a fourth election, as opposed to 43.4% from the Likud.