Rabbi Meir Mazuz
Rabbi Meir MazuzFlash 90

Rabbi Meir Mazuz, a leading Sephardic rabbi, said that the coronavirus, which has spread across the State of Israel in recent days, is punishment for the LGBT parades.

Speaking at the Kisse Rahamim (Seat of Mercy) yeshiva last night (Saturday) and quoted by Yisrael Hayom, Rabbi Mazuz said: "The Pride Parade is a parade against nature, and whoever acts against nature, He who created nature will avenge him…When you do things against nature, you are sticking your hand in the fire and praying that the fire will not burn you. It will burn you!" he concluded.

"They have the insolence to revolt against nature…the 'Pride Parade'. What are you proud of?" All the countries that have this [evil] are all [suffering from the coronavirus] except for the Arab states that do not have this evil inclination, this thing, and aren't suffering from this disease."

"They say that in Tunisia there's just one person who's been diagnosed with the coronavirus, and none in the rest of the Arab world except Iran where people have bad character traits and are horrible Israel haters. [Arabs] avoid eating dangerous things (unkosher food) and being like us" Rabbi Mazuz claimed.