Desecrated Holocaust memorial in Ukraine
Desecrated Holocaust memorial in Ukraine WZO

Three anti-Semitic incidents were reported this past Saturday around the world.

* In Ukraine, a Holocaust memorial was desecrated in the old cemetery of Rivne.
* In Winnipeg, Canada, swastika symbols were painted at the entrance of a synagogue.
* In Cincinnati, Ohio, graffiti was painted on a bridge stating “the Jews killed Christ. They are the enemies of the whole human race.”

Vice-Chairman of the World Zionist Organization, Yaakov Hagoel responded to the incidents stating, "we have witnessed three anti-Semitic incidents this past Saturday, each shocking in its own right."

"Unfortunately, we are witnessing repeated incitement against Jews in Europe, North America and worldwide," he said. Hagoel called for governments around the world to "step up their fight against anti-Semitism." He added that Jewish citizens should never live in fear.

"The World Zionist Organization is on hand to assist the heads of Jewish communities around the world to combat these phenomena," he said, "so that Jews in any country in the world can express pride in their Jewish identity."

Graffiti on bridge in Cincinnati
Graffiti on bridge in Cincinnati WZO