Odeh, Tibi
Odeh, TibiFlash 90

Transport Minister Betzalel Smotrich today blasted the Blue and White initiative to form a minority government together with the Joint Arab List.

"Just as terror is not borne of despair but from hope, so does the high turnout for the Joint Terrorist List come not because anyone attacked them but because irresponsible people give them hope to be the ones upon whom all depend to run the State," said Smotrich.

Smotrich explains: "The contempt, arrogance, and nationalist defiance they've been demonstrating in recent days prove this. And that's a threat to the Jewish and Zionist vision of the State, no less.

"And this is being committed by three Chiefs of Staff, two Hausers and Hendels, and one Evet Liberman. People whose hatred of Netanyahu drove them insane and they're willing to sell the State of Israel to its enemies just to get the Prime Minister out of his chair. It's sad, shameful, and dangerous."

Betzalel Smotrich
Betzalel SmotrichFlash 90

Environment Minister Ze'ev Elkin (Likud) said a Gantz and Ya'alon government with the Arab Knesset Members would not hold: "If there is a bloc that includes Tibi and Yazbak and the Joint Arab List in advance, and everything that Ya'alon and Gantz told the voter was false - then they'll form a government. We're not giving up, this is a government that'll fall apart in two days and the Israeli public will punish anyone who takes part in it."

Regarding intentions of Blue and White and the Arabs to promote a law to prevent a Knesset Member under indictment from being allowed to form a government, Elkin said: "I don't think it'll pass judicial review. Because basically they're saying to the citizens - you went to elections, you voted for Netanyahu, and now we're stealing this vote from you."

Zeev Elkin
Zeev ElkinHadas Parush/Flash90