Haim Bibas
Haim Bibasצילום: Avshalom Sassoni/Flash90

The Local Government Center, which unites all municipalities and councils in Israel, has threatened to take an unusual political measure that will force the parties of the 23rd Knesset to come together and form a government to prevent a fourth round of elections.

Arutz Sheva has learned that the heads of the local authorities are planning to form a party led by Moddin Mayor Haim Bibas, with a view to "busting" all of the parties' mandates and breaking the political deadlock.

Some 100 heads of local authorities have already given their consent to the move, and a poll commissioned by the local government has predicted such a party would receive between eight and ten seats.

If the move comes to fruition, the list will include heads of authorities of all walks of life - secular, haredi, religious and Arab, in order to 'attract' votes from all populations in Israel.

Speaking to Arutz Sheva, senior officials in the local governments said that the mayors felt a growing frustration as the political deadlock in the Knesset continued and no new government was formed in Israel. "There is no approved state budget, education is damaged, welfare services are damaged, no summer camps and summer, cannot establish educational institutions. Without a budget we're baning our heads against the walls."

"We are tired of being disrespected by the politicians who are cut off from the people and do not understand the magnitude of the crisis," the officials said. "In the end, the resident does not meet MKs and ministers but the mayors who provide the residents with all the services. When the tap is closed there is a big crisis down and we are tired of being silent. We will bring political power and break the political deadlock in the Knesset."

Lod Mayor Yair Revivo, who chaired PM Netanyahu's election campaign, posted a poignant Facebook post in which he urged Labor Party chairman Amir Peretz to join the government with the Likud. "Once a politician would convene a press conference and say: True, I said I would not sit with them, but there is a health / security / economic crisis and national responsibility, so we will go into the government. Today, because of Facebook shaming, they are afraid to change their position. And then we got angry grievances on the border of childhood."

Revivo added: ''What needs to be done is to encourage those who boycott that the national situation is sometimes important from a campaign commitment. And this stubbornness does not really help them in the polls, for example, Amir Peretz pledged, lowered his mustache and swore that "only not Bibi" and since he has only lowered the labor representatives from 6 representatives, to 5 representatives and now only 3 representatives."

According to him, "There are 1000 issues where Amir Peretz agrees with Benjamin Netanyahu, so he does not agree with 10 issues, is that why the state is paralyzed? Come to Lod and see how 19 Jewish, Arab, haredi, immigrant and religious council members all sit in the Coalition under my leadership and find the common denominator, and succeed in advancing the city. '