Rivlin visits IDF Central Command
Rivlin visits IDF Central CommandMark Neiman/GPO

President Reuven Rivlin today, Thursday 5 March / 8 Adar, visited IDF Central Command headquarters in Jerusalem. He was escorted on his visit by GOC Central Command Maj Gen Nadav Padan, commander of the Judea and Samaria Brigade Brig Gen Yaniv Alalouf and staff from Central Command.

At the beginning of his visit, the president spoke about the Ministry of Health’s instructions regarding Coronavirus, saying, “according to the instructions of the commanders of the war against Coronavirus at the Ministry of Health, we will avoid shaking hands as much as possible. Since we are in the army, we can salute without any difficulty. Minister of Health Litzman is the commander-in-chief when it comes to the Coronavirus. He decided that we don’t shake hands and we follow his orders.”

During his visit, the president was briefed on the situation in the sector and spoke with commanders about force strength in the area and means they have developed to fight terrorism.

At the end of the situation update the president thanked the commanders for their hard work to defend the sector, saying, “your balanced and restrained mode of operation succeeds, time after time, in preventing escalation in an extremely volatile sector. You know how, over time, to maintain order and security in this complex area where Israeli citizens and Palestinians live. Your skill, which you have raised to a true art, is an exceptionally valuable resource for our country.”

The president was then shown equipment used by the Nitzan intelligence collection battalion, along with cutting edge intelligence equipment operated by its solders.

The president remarked on the intelligence-gathering equipment demonstrated to him by its operators, saying “You deal with the task of preventing terrorist attacks on a daily basis. Every day, we prevent attacks aimed at disrupting quiet and safe daily life here. Every day, you – the soldiers and officers of the IDF – are heroes. Every day anew. We know that we can always, always, rely on you. You really are a credit to our country,” said the president at the end of his remarks.

GOC Central Command Maj Gen Nadav Padan thanked the president for his visit, saying, “We know all that you do for the soldiers of the IDF and very much appreciate your visit and everything you do for the soldiers of the command every day of the year, so many thanks and great appreciation.”