Shmuli Flash 90

MK Itzik Shmuli (Labor-Gesher--Meretz) called for a soul-searching on the Left in light of the list's deterioration to only seven seats.

"At the decisive moment, we were cut in half and hit hard," Shmuli said today.

"It requires even a teeny bit of soul-searching and from there a look forward to embark on a journey of renewal. Seven seats for three parties and only three of them for Labor is the most miserable result ever. Had it not been for the union I pushed, the Zionist Left would have been erased," Shmuli stated.

Labor-Gesher-Meretz Chairman MK Amir Peretz does not intend to resign despite his political failure, blaming Blue and White for the campaign that hit Labor-Meretz.

In his speech after publication of the exit polls, Peretz said, "We chose to follow this move out of responsibility to secure a large bloc that would give a chance at a new government.

"We did everything with the State's future before us. We signed a surplus agreement with Blue and White, backed Gantz, and it was at these critical moments that an irresponsible Blue and White campaign started. We have no intention of talking about how they took from us; I'll continue to act responsibly," he promised.

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