At least two people were killed when a tornado hit parts of Nashville, Tennessee and communities to its east early Tuesday morning, Metro Nashville police reported.

According to reports and officials, the tornado also caused injuries and damaged buildings.

The Nashville fire department has said that it is responding to reports that 40 structures collapsed around the city.

Meanwhile, the weather service said that as of just prior to 3:00a.m. local time, there were no longer tornado warnings for middle Tennessee, but heavy rain and 40-50mph winds were still possible.

ABC News quoted Captain Chandler of the Mt. Juliet Police Department, who said: "Our community has been greatly impacted by a tornado. There are multiple homes damaged and multiple people injured. Our officers are in the early stages of this response and we continue to assess what is happening."

He added that there were "multiple homes damaged, multiple people injured, multiple people still trapped."

"There are gas lines that are leaking, power lines that are on the ground, and multiple emergency responders are responding to those who are injured and trying to get them the help that they need.

"We appreciate your concern, your prayers. Continue to pray for our first responders and those that are injured and we will continue to keep you updated."

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