PM Netanyahu
PM NetanyahuT.P.S.

Prime Minister Netanyahu's spokesman Yonatan Urich spoke Tuesday morning about contacts with Knesset members on the left who would fill missing seats for a right-wing government of 61 Knesset members.

"I believe that we will soon find the missing ribs from the other bloc. There are already contacts with a number of Knesset members from the other side," Urich told Galei Tzahal.

"The guys on the other side understand that this is the right thing to do. The tune is different from April," Urich asserted.

Of the moments after the exit polls were published, Urich said that "Netanyahu always watches the poll with Sarah and his children, but when the results were revealed we burst into the room. It was a moment of joy after a very difficult campaign."

Urich stated that "Netanyahu will not delay his trial. Postponing the date, if it is, is not considered a delay - this is something that happens in almost every criminal trial."