Binyamin Netanyahu and Benny Gantz
Binyamin Netanyahu and Benny GantzFlash 90

Channel 13 News published an updated exit poll on Monday night, finding that the right-wing bloc is down to 59 seats from 60 in the previous version of the poll, while the left-wing bloc has 55 seats.

Yisrael Beytenu, which again is the balance of power, has 6 seats.

The Likud remains with 37 seats, according to the updated numbers, while Blue and White rises to 34. The Joint List has 14 seats.

Shas has 9 seats, United Torah Judaism - 7, Labor-Gesher-Meretz - 7, Yamina - 6, and Yisrael Beytenu - 6.

Channel 12 News also updated its exit poll results and found that the right-wing bloc is down to 59 seats while the center-left bloc has 54.

The Likud is still the largest party with 37 seats. Blue and White loses one seat and has 32. Yisrael Beytenu and the Joint List each receive one more seat than in the earlier exit poll.