Waiting for exit polls in Israel
Waiting for exit polls in Israel Courtesy of Kan 11

The voting rate for the 23rd Knesset stood at 65.5% as of 20:00, according to data from the Central Knesset Election Committee.

The turnout is 1.8 percent higher than the turnout at the same time in the last September's election.

In polling stations for voters who are in coronavirus isolation, long queues were recorded throughout the day.

Close to closing time designated for quarantine polling stations, the voter turnout was 4,073.

Health Minister Yaakov Litzman visited one of these polling stations earlier, saying, "Those in isolation must also exercise their democratic right and we're doing it with the utmost care. We're aware of the long queues at the designated polling stations and we trust the electoral committee to consider extending the time and deciding as needed," added Litzman.