Naftali Bennett
Naftali Bennett Arutz Sheva

Yamina chairman Naftali Bennett told Arutz Sheva that the right is capable of reaching a 61-seat majority and forming the next government, so it is important for the Likud to have another strong party to the right of it.

"We need the entire religious Zionist community and ideological right to come out and vote. The key to victory is voting not only because we will strengthen the Netanyahu bloc and make sure he [remains] in office, but also but also because we will ensure the integrity of the Land of Israel."

"Only we're [committed to preventing the creation of a 'Palestinian' state]. Only we refuse to hand over land to the Arabs. And only we will [protest] when someone tries to close down the [yeshivas] of Eli or Or Etzion. The Likud [won't lift a finger.]"

"The seat [polls are fluctuating on] for us is the eighth spot which belongs to Sara Beck. Netanyahu is talking about MK Tali Ploskov who supports the partition of Jerusalem. Does the public want a candidate who supports partitioning Jerusalem or someone [defending the integrity of the Land of Israel?] That's what's at stake here," Bennett adds.

The Yamina chairman was asked for his opinion on Netanyahu's attacks on political representatives of religious Zionism. Bennett called these "vain" and said he was "forced to be the responsible adult on the Right. He said he "would not attack Netanyahu again. [The prime minister] should look out for the Likud strongholds [instead of focusing his energy on attacking us]. We will ensure our [supporters come out and vote] so [the right coalition] gets 61 seats."

Bennett addressed religious Zionists seeking to "take revenge" on Yamina for the split within the religious right: "The question now is whether they prefer destroying everything we've built over strengthening Israel and the Torah world. After all, who was there when Liberman tried to close the Eli [yeshiva]? Who spoke up when Rabbi Stern was nominated as Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem? I was. No one defended the Torah world while taking strong positions on national issues like me."

"If we want to return to being whipping boys who're flattered and taken advantage of before the elections only to be discarded once they're over, we will end up with a "Palestinian" state and another disengagement," he continued.

Bennett stressed that contrary to spins released by the Likud, he has no intention of joining a coalition not headed by Netanyahu. "We will not enter the Gantz government. Period. He's a good person but represents a left-wing party; a party that calls for surrender of Jewish land, is anti-religious, attacks national service, pre-army yeshivas, and pre-army preparatory programs.

"The real issue is how a right-wing government in which I am Defense Minister, MK Smotrich continues in his role of Minister of Transportation and cabinet member, MK Shaked [returns to her role as] Minister of Justice and Rabbi Peretz [receives the Education portfolio]," concluded the Defense Minister.

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