Alan Dershowitz
Alan Dershowitz Reuters

Attorney Alan Dershowitz today said he believes that if Bernie Sanders is elected as Democratic Party candidate, it would give impetus to the BDS movement.

Speaking at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs and State on the War on BDS, Dershowitz stated that if Sanders was elected he, Dershowitz, will not vote for the Democratic party and will even campaign against it.

In his estimation, many in the Jewish community will not vote for the party, but he believes the percentage of Jewish support will exceed the 50 percent threshold.

"He called Netanyahu a racist, but he didn't refer to Ilhan Omar," Dershowitz said.

Yesterday at another event at the Center, Dershowitz attacked the second Jewish candidate, Michael Bloomberg, for his lack of response to Sanders' comments and "lack of knowledge" about Middle Eastern issues.

He called Sanders the "Corbyn of the United States," adding that "the idea that the United States will be led by a Jewish Corbyn arouses horror. He's a Jew, but only from his parents."

Speaking on President Trump's Mideast initiative, Dershowitz said: "The world doesn't care about the Palestinians. There are two populations that care about them - the Israelis and the Palestinians. The Kurds, on the other hand, have a more legitimate claim for a state than the Palestinians."

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