Israeli Air Force F-35 fighter jet
Israeli Air Force F-35 fighter jet Flash 90

Fighter jets downed a drone that took off from the Gaza Strip on Thursday afternoon and flew, abnormally, westward over the Mediterranean.

The incident takes place just days after the end of a round of fighting in the south, which began with massive rocket fire at southern communities on Sunday evening.

Following the rocket fire, carried out by Islamic Jihad terrorists, Israel attacked Islamic Jihad targets in Gaza and Syria, an attack that triggered a resumption of rocket fire from Gaza the next day. The round of fighting ended on Monday night.

After the end of the escalation round, Defense Minister Naftali Bennett said, "I am committed to bringing peace and security to the residents of the south. This time we eliminated 6-7 Islamic Jihad terrorists in Gaza and Syria, but this is not yet the decisive action. We will take decisive action soon. I'm not happy about fighting, but our enemies do not understand any other language."

"Despite the difficulty, we must not be drawn into the enemy's timetable, but we will operate on our own time, according to our conditions. It will take some time, and we will do it,” Bennett promised.