OhanaFlash 90

0404 News reported that Justice Minister Amir Ohana called on the Israeli public to begin the process of having their criminal record for personal use and possession of cannabis expunged as part of the Likud's decision to regulate the legal cannabis market in Israel, as has alredy been done in many places around the world.

Ohana said that "the regular course of life of too many citizens has been violated. Not because of cannabis - but because of criminal enforcement of its consumption. Law abiding citizens have become criminal offenders - not for hurting others, but for allegedly hurting themselves."

Ohana went on to say he witnessed this injustice up close as an attorney in the criminal field. "I saw too many young people whose lives were trampled under state-imposed enforcement laws; whose liberty was rudely denied. How much energy and resources has our country invested in investigators, detectives, intelligence coordinators, prosecutors, attorneys, judges, typists, probation officers and more - to deal with crime devoid of victims?" pined the Justice Minister.

"And this, of course, at the expense of numerous [other] crimes that produce victims who've had to endure multiple injustices because there's only so much law enforcement can do and everything is a matter of priorities. It's time to for a change in direction."

"Therefore, we, the Prime Minister and the Likud Movement, announced two initiatives: The first - establishment of a committee that will outline an appropriate legislative path to regulate the legal use of cannabis based on the Canadian model. The second - rectifying past wrongs."

"As Minister of Justice, I hereby announce that I will endorse all pardon requests, as well as expungement of criminal records for personal use and possession of cannabis before the President. The applications must be submitted using the form on the Pardon Department website. Don't worry—it works. Every such request will see the light of day as promised."