Sderot playground hit by rocket
Sderot playground hit by rocket Israel Police spokesperson

Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz (Likud), who is also a member of Israel's Diplomatic-Security Cabinet, spoke Tuesday morning about the recent rocket fire from Gaza, emphasizing that Israel will not hesitate to conduct a widescale operation to eliminate terror.

In an interview with Kan Reshet Bet, Steinitz said that "Gaza will always be a problem. During all the years the State existed, we did not manage to end terror - there was more, or there was less, but it was always there. A complete end to terror won't happen. In the ten years under [Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin] Netanyahu, there have been the lowest number of people injured and killed in the entire history of the State."

"The temporary solution is to attempt to reach an agreement, which means quiet for us. Not running to shelters every week and attempts to kill soldiers every month. An agreement with Gaza mean - if there is quiet, we'll let you breathe economically.

"If they continue firing, there won't be an agreement. Then, we'll have no choice, and we've prepared a comprehensive plan that's also large, very tough, and very different than everything we've done in Gaza until now. We may also spend several weeks in Gaza and bring down Hamas' government."

On Sunday and Monday, the Islamic Jihad terror group fired 80 rockets at Israel. On Monday evening, Islamic Jihad requested a ceasefire. The last rocket was fired shortly after 11:00p.m.