Naftali Bennett
Naftali Bennett Reuters

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett (Yamina) spoke with i24 News about the recent rocket attacks launched by Gaza terrorists against Israel.

In an interview, Bennett emphasized that he is "committed to the people in the south, in the Negev, who have been under twenty years of bombardment of rockets and missiles. I'm committed to restoring their security their pace and quiet."

However, he added, "it'll take a bit of time."

"We're preparing something, and I want to do it on our terms. When you want to be effective with a very cruel enemy such as Hamas you don't want them to lead you into their game, you want to handle it, you want to initiate. So the Prime Minister, myself, and the Chief of Staff of the IDF, we're preparing a meaningful move but it won't happen as a reaction it'll happen on our terms at our time."

Regarding a recent poll that showed that nearly half of Israelis are dissatisfied with Bennett's performance, Bennett said: "I don't act according to polls, I do what's in the national security interests of Israel."

"What we did over the past 24 hours is sort of new," he added. "Instead of just responding directly to those terrorists who shot missiles on our people, we went to the source, to the command center in Syria and killed a bunch of terrorists in Syria, near Damascus, that belong to the Islamic Jihad. But it's only a beginning."