Rockets launched from Gaza into Israel
Rockets launched from Gaza into Israel Noam Revkin Fenton/Flash90

"Color Red" air raid sirens sounded Monday afternoon in the southern city of Sderot and several of the surrounding towns in the Sha'ar Hanegev Regional Council, at approximately 12:00p.m. and 12:30p.m.

Residents reported that after the siren sounded, they heard explosions, likely from the Iron Dome missiles intercepting the rockets.

Magen David Adom (MDA) said that EMTs and paramedics are providing treatment to those suffering shock, and that no one was physically harmed.

"A warning siren was sounded in Sderot and other areas near the Gaza border," the IDF confirmed in a statement. "The details are being investigated."

The IDF later confirmed that six rockets had been shot at Israel from Gaza, and that the Iron Dome had shot down five of them.

According to AFP, Monday's rockets were fired at Israel by Islamic Jihad.

The Sderot municipality said: "Following the recent launches, there are no reports of missiles landing within the city. In some places, shrapnel from the intercepts has fallen. No one was physically injured and no damage was caused."

Part of a rocket shell was found in a Sderot residential yard. No one was injured and no damage was caused.

However, at another location in the city, a park was damaged, as were a number of vehicles. Nobody was physically harmed.

On Sunday, Gaza terror organizations fired a barrage of 22 rockets on communities in southern Israel. The IDF retaliated by attacking terrorist targets in both Gaza and Damascus.