Arabs riot near Gaza border fence
Arabs riot near Gaza border fence IDF Spokesperson's Unit

Maher Mazhar, a member of the National Committee of the Return Marches and the Fight against the Deal of the Century, said on Saturday that the committee is preparing a “million-man march” to mark the second anniversary of the March of the Return protests on March 30, which is also Land Day.

In an interview with the Hamas newspaper Felesteen, Mazhar said that the goal of the “million-man march” is to convey a message to the "Israeli occupation" that the marches will continue until their goals are fulfilled and in protest of the US “Deal of the Century”, which he said will eliminate the Palestinian issue.

"Our (Palestinian) people will win, the deal will be thwarted and our (Palestinian) people will continue to fight until the liberation and return (of the refugees) are achieved," said Mazhar.

The violent “March of the Return” protests along the Gaza border began on March 30, 2018, with the goal of raising the Palestinian claim to return millions of refugees and their descendants to the territory of the State of Israel.

The protests were held every Friday until the end of December. Hamas, which orchestrated the protests, then temporarily cancelled the marches in an attempt to uphold a truce reached with Israel through Egyptian mediation.

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