Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu spoke with Fox News' Mark Levin about the "deal of the century" and how it might be implemented following the March election.

In the interview, Netanyahu explained that the rival center-left "Blue and White" party, led by MK Benny Gantz, is "a leftist party in disguise."

"Remember, the majority of Israelis are basically right and center-right. So in order to get center-right voters, they pretend to be a center-right party and that they will take up the terrific Trump plan that has been put forward by [US] President [Donald] Trump that's very good for Israel, that has Israel applying Israeli law, adding to Israel's sovereign territory important places like the Jordan Valley."

"This is completely anathema to Blue and White, and their leaders said the opposite just a few months ago. But when the Trump plan came out, they said, 'Oh, we're for the Trump plan.'

"There's only one problem with that. A, they're not. B, they've said horrible things about President Trump just before the Trump plan was announced. Like comparing him to Hitler. And three, they're dependent on the support in the Knesset, in our parliament, to form a government, on the Joint Arab List that says to them: 'If you actually accept the Trump plan, you won't be Prime Minister.' So they're not going to adopt the Trump plan."

Netanyahu explained that Gantz's advisers, who have compared Trump to Hitler, "are the guys who give him the lines" and that Netanyahu has "asked him to fire them. But he wouldn't."

Levin responded: "I'm familiar with this. Two staffers who refer to our president in one way or another as Hitler, and Mr. Gantz keeps them on board as senior advisers."

Netanyahu explained that Gantz is "being fed by two people. One is an Israeli adviser called Ronen Tzur, he compared President Trump to Adolf Hitler. It's incredible. The greatest friend we've ever had in the White House, he's compared him to Adolf Hitler."

"The second adviser is an American adviser, he's Joel Benenson.... He worked for Obama. But he too did something which I think is illegitimate. He, too, compared President Trump to Adolf Hitler. So these are the two closest advisers of Benny Gantz. They tell him what to say, when to say, and so on. They're putting on an act. As though they're for the Trump plan. These people who call President Trump Hitler, are for President Trump's plan. Give me a break. So this is one big con job, that's what it is."

Tzur is a former Knesset member, while Benenson advised not only former US President Barack Obama, but also presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and former New York Governor Mario Cuomo.

The complete interview will be released by Fox News on Sunday.