Eviatar Banai
Eviatar BanaiYair Shiloach

Well-known Israeli singers Aviv Geffen and Eviatar Banai will perform together at the Samaria community of Karnei Shomron this coming Passover.

Thousands are expected to attend the performance, which is scheduled to take place on April 12.

The head of the Karnei Shomron Local Council, Yigal Lahav, said, "Connections among the people of Israel. This is the entire story, or song in our case, in Karnei Shomron.”

"We are delighted to host the two champions, Eviatar and Aviv, for an evening made up entirely of musical connections and invite the people of Israel to come and have fun,” he added.

Geffen is known for his left-wing views and in the past spoke out against Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu during his concerts.

In 2017, Geffen called Netanyahu “a tyrant who does whatever he wants”. In 2015, he made headlines when he called to send Netanyahu "to hell" during a concert, while an image of Netanyahu, Naftali Bennett and Avigdor Liberman, with a large red "X" crossing them all out, appeared on the screen behind him.

Geffen has also spoken out against the settlement enterprise in Judea and Samaria. However, this past October he performed in Samaria with singer Hanan Ben Ari.

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