Netanyahu and Leon
Netanyahu and Leon Jerusalem Municipality Spokesman

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu announced today construction of a Jewish neighborhood of 3,000 housing units in Jerusalem's Givat Hamatos and 2,200 housing units in the city's Har Homa neighborhood.

Netanyahu made the statement with Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Leon and Tourism Minister Yariv Levin, saying, "I have huge news. We're adding another 2,200 housing units to Har Homa.

"I also approved construction on Givat Hamatos. This means another 4,000 housing units: one thousand for the Arab residents of Beit Safafa and 3,000 for the Jewish residents. Peaceful coexistence in Jerusalem," Netanyahu added.

Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Leon said, "Today is a great day for Jerusalem! The Prime Minister and I are announcing new neighborhoods in Jerusalem, the Homat Shmuel, and Givat Hamatos. These are thousands of new housing units.

"This is big news for the city and especially for young families," he said. "This is my realization as Mayor of Jerusalem, and closes a circle with the Prime Minister who in 1998 announced establishment of the neighborhood of Homat Shmuel.

"I thank Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for the leadership, support, and realization of the unity of the capital of Israel, Jerusalem. I'm proud that we reached this occasion of placing another stone in Zion, on the way to building Jerusalem," he added.

The Blue and White Party issued in response to the Prime Minister's declaration of the new neighborhood: "The new neighborhood will be called: 'Diversion Outpost'."