Yehuda Glick
Yehuda GlickHezki Baruch

Former Likud MK Yehuda Glick was arrested Wednesday morning, the third time he has been arrested in less than 24 hours, before being released.

Glick was arrested Tuesday night after police conducted a search of his home, on suspicion he took documents from a police investigation.

After leaving the police station Wednesday, Glick told reporters that investigators were trying to ‘blow up’ what he said was an honest mistake, and claim that he had intentionally taken police documents.

Glick said police were looking to draw attention away from their discriminatory treatment of Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount, following his arrest at the holy site Tuesday morning.

“Police cannot remove the core issue here, which is the degrading treatment Jews often face on the Temple Mount by police,” said Glick.

The former MK also said police had threatened him during questioning Wednesday, warning him that if he continued to criticize police behavior, they would leak embarrassing information about him from their investigation.

The police investigating Glick are simply seeking to discredit him, the former MK claimed. “They don’t want a real investigation, it’s not about human rights – they just want to cover themselves after my false arrest yesterday.”

“I’ll continued my just struggle to turn the Temple Mount into a place of prayer for all peoples, without discrimination against anyone, as President Trump said in his ‘Deal of the Century’, the ‘Temple Mount for all’.”

Glick was arrested Tuesday morning while visiting the Temple Mount with two US congressmen. Police claim he violated the rules of the visit, "created provocations" and resisted arrest.

The former Likud MK was released Tuesday afternoon after lengthy police questioning.

Glick claimed police told him that he was arrested on the Temple Mount Tuesday for walking “too slowly”.

"I did a really terrible crime, lucky there is no death penalty in Israel," Glick said sarcastically, noting that "according to the police, which is also what they told me during the interrogation, I went too slowly for their liking."

Police, on the other hand, claimed Glick was violating the rules put in place for visitors to the Temple Mount.

"In the morning a visitor arrived to the Temple Mount accompanied by two members of the U.S. Congress and their families, who toured the Temple Mount and the visit ended without any unusual incidents.”

“After a short time, the visitor returned to the Checkpoint at the entrance to the Temple Mount (Mugrabi Gate) and entered the Mount area without coordination with police officers. He began to walk around the Temple Mount contrary to the customary rules of the place, which he knew from his previous visits. He refused to obey police instructions and accompany them while continuing to provoke them, forcing them to detain him, and after continuing to provoke them, they had to inform him he was under arrest. At this point, too, he continued to do something that forced the police to handcuff him. He was released from shackles while still on the Mount and escorted by police for questioning.”

Late Tuesday night, Glick was arrested after police conducted a search of his home, looking for the missing police document.

After Glick suggested the document might have been accidentally taken and promising to ask his lawyer if he is in possession of the document, Glick was released early Wednesday morning.