BennettHillel Meir

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett on Tuesday welcomed the clearing of the way for the regulation of the community of Eli by the High Court of Justice.

"Eli will be regulated! In good time, over a thousand families living in the community will be allowed to live in a regulated settlement in Israel," Bennett wrote on his Twitter account.

The High Court today canceled the interim order delaying the settlement of the community. I congratulate the residents of Ali, the institutions of David, and the residents of Benjamin and Samaria. We will continue to strengthen the settlement."

The interim order which the High Court rescinded had halted the taba registration approval for the veteran settlement filed by the Binyamin Council since 2014.

Instead of the sweeping interim injunction, a new order was issued, which was limited to only certain sections of the dispute and allowed promoting and completing the settlement.

The Binyamin Council pointed out that there are many homes in the locality that are still under court order that does not currently allow their formal settlement. The council called on Prime Minister Netanyahu and cabinet ministers to expedite the possibility of regulating these houses as well.

As a result of the decision, the legal way to arranging hundreds of houses in the locality was made possible.