Community of Eli
Community of EliGedaliah Blum

Supreme Court judges decided to cancel the interim order issued following petitions filed in 2014 by Leftist organizations Yesh Din and Bamakom and heads of PA villages in the Eli town area.

The interim order halted the taba registration approval for the veteran settlement filed by the Binyamin Council. Now it was decided to cancel the order, thereby removing the historical injustice towards the residents of the settlement and paving the way for final approval in the taba.

Instead of the sweeping interim injunction, a new order was issued, which was limited to only certain sections of the dispute and allowed promoting and completing the settlement.

The Binyamin Council points out that there are many homes in the locality that are still under court order that does not currently allow their formal settlement. The Binyamin Council calls on Prime Minister Netanyahu and cabinet ministers to expedite the possibility of regulating these houses as well.

As a result of the decision, the legal way to arranging hundreds of houses in the locality was made possible.

Binyamin Council head Yisrael Gantz said, "We're pleased to have removed the delays in settling Eli. Thousands of residents, many of whom legally bought houses from the State, are entitled to live with official sanction and today we are starting steps towards full regulation in the locality. This is good news for settlement, for the Eli locality, and the entire State of Israel. Dear Eli residents, this is a very happy day for you and all of us."

Mivtachei, the National Commander's Forum headed by Maj. Gen. Uzi Dayan, commented, "We congratulate Eli residents and settlement in Samaria and Judea and the Jordan Valley, with the cancellation of the interim injunction that halted taba approval for the town.

"Settlement in Judea and Samaria includes the arteries of life and its areas of development and is all an integral part of Israel's national security fabric. We hope that the settlement arrangement will be the first step to announcing regulating all components of settlement and paving the way for full sovereignty as soon as possible," the Forum added.