JournalistFlash 90

Question: How long does it take a Palestinian Authority TV reporter to rewrite history and deceive Palestinian Arabs into hating Israelis?

Answer: 10 seconds.

This is a classic example of how the Palestinian Authority lies to its own people to demonize Israelis and create hatred of them among Palestinian Arabs.

At an Arab protest against US President Trump’s Middle East peace plan, an Israeli officer instructed Palestinian Authority journalists to move to the other side of the road to be safe from oncoming cars.

But in the PA TV reporter’s instantaneous rewriting of history – during his live broadcast – this was distorted into a lie. The PA TV reporter told viewers that the Israeli soldiers ordered them to move because “this is an Israeli road and Palestinians are not allowed on it.” In truth, the Israeli officer stressed that the soldiers were trying to “look out for” the lives of the journalists, because they were in danger of being “run over.” It is worth noting that the Israeli officer and the PA TV reporter spoke Hebrew together.

The video was removed by the user, but below are stills that tell the story.