Hotovely addresses Conference of Presidents
Hotovely addresses Conference of Presidents Avi Hayon

Diaspora Affairs Minister Tzipi Hotovely attended a meeting of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish organizations Monday morning.

The Minister said in a speech to the conference participants, "The State of Israel is committed to all Jews around the world. As Diaspora Affairs Minister, I bear responsibility for our brothers and sisters around the world, and it is our duty to work together in the face of the challenges facing the Jewish people at this time."

She said: "The current Israeli government is investing a lot of resources in strengthening its relationship with world Jewry: NIS 430 million of its annual state budget is dedicated to strengthening Jewish communities around the world, twice as much as in years past, and we intend to continue investing in this significant issue."

"One of the important steps to strengthen the relationship between the State of Israel and our Diaspora brothers is to raise awareness among Israeli citizens of the needs and challenges of the Jewish communities around the world," Hotovely added.

"Israeli society must be connected to its brothers and sisters in the world and the Diaspora and will continue to develop programs aimed at realizing this vision, such as twin schools and education system programs to get [Israeli schools] acquainted with diaspora communities.

"We have to to listen to each other, work together and create dialogue in order to build a common alliance with the Jewish people in the 21st century," Hotovely concluded.