Praying at the Western Wall
Praying at the Western WallShira Hershkop/TPS

On Sunday, mass prayer session will be held at the Western Wall in the hopes of stopping the COVID-19 epidemic.

COVID-19 is the name given to a new coronavirus, the outbreak of which began in Wuhan, China, late last year. The virus has already infected over 67 thousand people, and has killed over 1,500.

The prayer session is initiated by Chief Rabbi of Tzfat and President of the Rabbinical Community Association Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu; in partnership with the OU ISRAEL and its Rabbi Avi Berman; and the Rabbinical Community Association, led by Rabbi Amichai Eliyahu.

The prayer session, scheduled for Sunday at 4:40p.m., will include a mass prayer session initiated by Rabbi Eliyahu, Rabbi Avi Berman, Rabbi Amichai Eliyahu, and other rabbis.

Many Chinese Embassy officials will also take part in the prayer, which will include Psalms, Mincha (the afternoon prayer), and Ma'ariv (the evening prayer).

"As Abraham's sons, our father is committed to every person created in the image of God," Rabbi Eliyahu said.

"The people of Israel in their role are praying for the world, as a light to all nations and with the essential values ​​of family, studying, education and purity, we are committed to every person as he is a person. The fact that our prayers have immense impact, requires us to pray for peace and for good in the world."