Members of the Tamimi family facilitated a convoy of vehicles to bypass a military checkpoint near the village of Nabi Salah this week, bodily blocking the fighter stationed there who tried to maintain the roadblock.

The incident was documented and posted on social networks by one Janna Jihad, a daughter of the Tamimi family.

Video documentation shows Janna and her parents closing around the soldier while shouting and directing vehicles to bypass the checkpoint. At one point they even skirt the soldier and push him aside so vehicles can bypass the checkpoint.

Ad Kan Organization head Gilad Ach noted that this incident, like many throughout Judea and Samaria, is the product of long-standing operations by anti-Israeli organizations in the field whose mission is to weaken the IDF.

He said, "The Tamimi family grew up on the lap of anarchists who, to this day, every week inflame the passions in Judea and Samaria and harm IDF soldiers. We must put an end to the lawlessness and come down hard on anyone who harms and degrades IDF soldiers. We urge the military, police, and prosecutors to act and provide support to soldiers in the field in the face of rioters in civilian guise throughout Judea and Samaria."