Naftali Bennett
Naftali BennettArutz Sheva

Officials from the Shin Bet slammed Defense Minister Naftali Bennett Wednesday after he cancelled an administrative detention order issued against an alleged extreme right-wing activist.

"Bennett gives back to extremist right-wing activists and weakens the security system on the ground," the officials toldChannel 12 News.

Yesterday it was reported that Bennett decided to cancel the administrative detention order for right-wing activist Eli Ben David. Last week, police arrested Ben David, a resident of the Galilee , on suspicion of throwing stones at an Arab driver and injuring him moderately. But this week the district court rejected the police appeal and ordered his release. At the end of the hearing, Ben-David was arrested on the basis of the order being for this month.

Bennett announced that after a thorough examination and "considering all the considerations," including the detainee's past, it appeared that different and limited administrative enforcement measures could be taken. He decided to limit the Ben David's entry to Judea and Samaria only, in an order signed by the Central Command's commander, with additional administrative supervision. "The manner of continued treatment will be examined further on the basis of the data and facts presented to the defense minister," it said.

Following the criticism directed at him through the media, Bennett responded: "I really appreciate the work of the Shin ryB members. They guard us against Arab terror. They are not enemies. They are brothers."

However, Bennett stated: "I'm not rubber stamping anyone." Bennett noted that the court decided to release the young man and that lit a "red light" for him.

"I didn't immediately release him for a long day. I checked and investigated. I came to the conclusion that this is not a ticking bomb, it is a person who is suspected of serious acts. I do not accept any form of violence, not from Jews nor Arabs."