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An Israel Police spokesperson on Tuesday morning announced the arrest of an additional suspect in Rabbi Eliezer Berland's exploitation case, Israel Hayom reported.

The suspect, who is in his 40s, has been brought for interrogation and is suspected of receiving something by fraud, exploitation, and tax crimes.

Police suspect that the man served in a central go-between for Rabbi Berland, among other things for the purpose of money laundering.

According to suspicions, the group exploited the difficulties of those who turned to Rabbi Berland to request a blessing, charging the "clients" between thousands and tens of thousands of shekels. In some cases, the families of terminally ill patients were promised that their loved ones would recover completely, and the families were given "medication" for their loved ones, which laboratory tests revealed to be Mentos, Israel Hayom added.

His arrest follows that of Rabbi Berland, his wife, and five others close to him earlier this week. Each of the suspects had a set task, and all of the actions were conducted under the authority and in the name of Rabbi Berland. Involved in the investigation are Jerusalem's police department, the Tax Authority, and the National Insurance Institute.

The newly-arrested suspect will be brought Wednesday for an extension of his arrest.

Attorney Sharon Nahari said: "The suspicions attributed to Rabbi Berland and his wife are as publicized. The rabbi did not run away and he did not interfere in the investigation, even though he and his wife were aware of it. The arrest this morning was strange and inappropriate and they should be freed. The 82-year-old rabbi takes medication, and his wife is 83. There is no reason to suspect they will interfere in the investigation."