Aharon Ramati arrives for a court hearing at the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court
Aharon Ramati arrives for a court hearing at the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90

Aharon Ramati, who is suspected of sexual crimes and holding dozens of women and children against their will and in slave-like conditions, on Monday appeared in the Jerusalem Magistrates Court for a hearing on his indictment regarding money laundering.

Ramati was released to house arrest last week.

In an interview with Kikar Hashabbat, Ramati discussed both the money laundering charge, as well as the charge that he ran a cult.

"There is a G-d in the world, and He's in charge," Ramati said. "Every idiot understands that everything happening right now is far from normal. Now, all of a sudden, they remembered something from five years ago, when all the others involved have long since been tried."

He added that "it's clear to everyone" that he is being persecuted.

"I promise them that they will find their Heaven-sent soulmates. And I'm really good at that. I didn't hold anyone by force, and certainly not under conditions of slavery. Maybe that's what it looks like to a secular person who lives in a villa, when he sees a haredi family." He added that "all of Meah Shearim lives in conditions of slavery."

When asked about a woman who said Ramati had told her to sleep in the snow, Ramati told Kikar Hashabbat: "She's a liar, and the policeman is a liar. She never studied in the seminary. They're shamelessly lying."

"The rumors say that girls are complaining that they did not mention the good things they wanted to write about me, and that they twisted what they said. I hope it doesn't come to court."

Ramati concluded by telling Kikar Hashabbat: "Every Jew believes that there is a G-d in heaven, the Master of the World. We hope for good."