MK Ahmed Tibi (Joint List) on Sunday evening commented on the Supreme Court's decision to permit MK Heba Yazbak from his party to run in the March 2 Knesset election.

Speaking on the joint i24NEWS-Israel Hayom election program, Tibi said, "First and foremost, this is a good decision. I am disappointed with the decision of [Supreme Court] President Hayut, as she opposed permitting my colleague Heba Yazbak to run. It passed by a majority of 5-4, that’s dangerous. At the moment, we in the Joint List are running together in order to achieve the best result ever for the party. I hope for at least 15 seats. Heba Yazbak shared two posts. They were problematic and she will not do so in the future. She said so, she made her position clear."

Asked whether Yazbak should not have referred to terrorist Samir Kuntar as a “shaheed” (martyr), Tibi replied, "Now she knows she will not do so in the future and she should not have done so in the past."

"We oppose killing and targeting civilian targets, including children. Obviously, this is our moral stance and we will never say or think otherwise," he added.

"I know [Yazbak] well. She is my colleague. She is against killings of civilians and she said she published an article in Haaretz and she said in court, and her attorney said in the Supreme Court that it is a very problematic post. I know her, she won’t do it again,” said Tibi.

The Supreme Court earlier on Sunday ruled in a narrow five to four ruling that Yazbak would be permitted to run in the elections, thus overturning a decision by the Central Elections Committee to bar Yazbak from running.

Yazbak has come under fire for praising terrorists who murdered Israelis, such as Samir Kuntar, the Palestine Liberation Front terrorist who led the deadly 1979 Nahariya attack which killed four Israelis.

In other posts, Yazbak praised Rawi Sultani, an Israeli Arab and member of Yazbak’s Balad party who was jailed in 2010 for spying on senior Israeli army officials.