IDF soldiers on Friday night arrested a terrorist who hurled a firebomb at a Border Police commander last Monday.

The attack occurred Monday afternoon, when the soldier, Inspector Shahar Madioni, arrived to disperse Arab rioters in Hevron.

In a video distributed by Palestinian Authority (PA) Arabs, Madioni takes a direct hit to the shoulder by a firebomb that flares up on his body during Arab riots. Within seconds, Madioni calmly extinguishes the fire that burns on his body, thereby saving his life.

Speaking to Yediot Aharonot, Madioni told of the moments immediately following the attack: "I immediately saw a huge flame in front of me. Fortunately, it caught fire on my vest, and I immediately put the fire out with my hands. I estimate it took two to three seconds, during which I felt a strong heat on my body."

"I experienced a miracle. What prevented the fire from igniting me was the protective equipment, including the vest built of flame retardant materials precisely for protection against firebombs. Fortunately, it didn’t catch on my clothes," he said.

The Muslim Arab terror suspect has been transferred to security forces for interrogation.