Aharon Ramati arrives for a court hearing at the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court
Aharon Ramati arrives for a court hearing at the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90

The Jerusalem Magistrates Court on Wednesday will hold a hearing regarding Aharon Ramati, who is suspected of running a cult in Jerusalem, Israel Hayom reported.

Ramati, who manages the "Be'er Miriam" institution, is suspected of sexual crimes and holding dozens of women and children against their will and in slave-like conditions, severely punishing those who did not obey him.

Last month, police raided a Jerusalem compound suspected of having been used to house a cult. During the raid, ten people were arrested, including Ramati, 60, and nine female suspects.

The raid was conducted following reports that Ramati had used force and various punishments to coerce members to remain a part of the community, compelling them to work while pocketing the money they earned.

Last week, following the end of the interrogations, the court rejected Israel Police's petition to further extend Ramati's arrest, and ordered him released to house arrest. In response, Israel Police appealed to the district court, which agreed to extend Ramati's arrest until Wednesday.

According to Israel Hayom, Israel Police and the Prosecutor's Office have not yet decided whether to prosecute Ramati. Should they decide to do so, they will need to submit an indictment against him within the next few days.

If the authorities do intend to indict Ramati, Israel Police will request his arrest be extended by several more days. If the decision is to continue investigating the matter and not submit a Prosecutor's statement, Israel Police are expected to agree to his remaining under house arrest.

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