IDF soldiers
IDF soldiers Flash 90, STR

Benny Amidror, former chief of the IDF's Combat Training Department, said that the Israeli ground forces need to undergo a change in order to be victorious over Israel's enemies in the north and south.

Speaking to 103 FM Radio, Amidror said: "First of all you need understand that something in their favor is that they have their area, that gives then an advantage. The soldier in the IDF - in Golani, in the Paratroopers, and others too - the demand is that they will be able to act against all kinds of enemies, a range of enemies, and a range of operations. There life is a lot more simple, they're there in one place, beside their homes, all they need to do is go into their tunnel."

"I appreciate that the fighters of Hezbollah and Hamas are higher quality when it comes to their level of service and individual, class, and unit training, than IDF soldiers, since they are older, serve longer than our mandatory service soldiers, and practice more than IDF soldiers, who work in policing areas."

He added that the terrorists have a "fighting spirit" that they didn't used to have, "and the end result is, that if you look at the bottom line, the IDF does not dare cross the border into Gaza."

"A long time ago, we needed to transfer this task to the Border Police, whose soldiers have high self-esteem and are willing to endanger themselves more than IDF soldiers."

He concluded: "We were and are a hobbyist army. The Border Police can do things better than the army."