Rabbi Lau at assembly
Rabbi Lau at assembly Spokesman

The Great Beit Din Chief Rabbi David Lau opened the second day of the Dayanim Conference held at the Ein Gedi Hotel this evening.

"We're facing a difficult period in which there is already a third consecutive election campaign, during which time the courts and the judges were seriously harmed," Rabbi Lau warned.

The rabbi told the judges, "It is precisely you, those who carry the banner of Judaism, the political parties have chosen to attack, to earn narrow political gain when, for this purpose, they won't shy from distorting the facts.

"I want to strengthen you this evening; You are the ones who are there at the end of the day for those couples and their children during these difficult times and help them reach the golden mean. We won't flinch but continue the sacred activity according to halakha and the holy Torah," Rabbi Lau concluded.

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