Netanyahu with Yesha Council heads
Netanyahu with Yesha Council heads Spokesman

Kedumim Local Council and former Yesha Council Chairman Hananal Dorani responded to Ariel Mayor Eli Shviro's decision to resign from the Yesha Council in protest over the quasi-official body's opposition to the U.S. Mideast initiative.

"Unlike my colleague Eli Shviro, I attended Saturday night along with many other authority heads at the Yesha Council meeting," Dorani said. "There was a relevant and respectful discussion. Most authority heads oppose the plan in full because of the Palestinian state element involved in it."

However, Dorani emphasized, "There are positive elements in it, most notably the U.S. President's recognition of our historic right to Israel. Unanimously, we urge the Prime Minister to do everything possible to implement the sovereignty component as soon as possible.

"The opinion of Ariel's Mayor that the Yesha Council should not deal with the Deal of the Century, that will affect all of our lives, is lacking all basis," Dorani added.

Hevron Regional Council head and Yesha Council member Yochai Damari expressed hope that Shviro will retract his resignation. "We're all opposed to a terror state that would threaten Ben Gurion Airport, the Dimona reactor, and large population centers. We already saw this movie and unfortunately every week the dear southern residents receive a painful reminder," Damari said.

"We're not against the Prime Minister; most of us are Likud members. The Prime Minister is leading, with his talent, a move that if it matures will be dramatic and historic. We strengthen the Prime Minister to apply sovereignty in the face of the heavy pressure exerted on him overseas."

Damari added, "As we heard from those close to the Prime Minister, the resistance is technical and not essential and therefore it is imperative to act and not wait. We call on the Prime Minister to 'make history' as he declared on the eve of his flight, to do the right and just thing, and act to apply Israeli law in Judea and Samaria."