Amman, Jordan
Amman, Jordan iStock

Thousands of Jordanians protested Friday in the capital Amman against US President Donald Trump's Middle East peace plan and set fire to the Israeli flag.

Chanting "Death to Israel", about 3,000 people took part in the demonstration, which started in front of the city's Al-Husseini Mosque, amid a heavy security presence, an AFP photographer said.

Protesters carried Jordanian and "Palestinian" flags and held up signs that read "Jordan rejects the deal of the century" and "Down with the deal of the century".

Protesters chanted, "Listen, damn Trump, Palestine is not for sale" and "The Jordanian and Palestinian people are one, not two".

Jordan is one of two Arab countries along with Egypt to have a peace treaty with Israel, and more than half of the country's population is of Palestinian Arab origin.

Almost 300 people demonstrated in front of the US Embassy in Amman, calling on Arab and Muslim countries to support the Palestinian Arabs and the "resistance" against the Jewish state.

Hundreds gathered in similar protests in the cities of Irbid in the country's north, in Karak, south of Amman, and in Salt, northwest of the capital.

The protests came as King Abdullah II reaffirmed Jordan's "firm position" on the "Palestinian issue" in a phone conversation with PA Chairman Mahmud Abbas, the palace said.

He said "Jordan will continue to back the Palestinian people in their effort to set up an independent state with east Jerusalem as its capital," a statement added.