Donald Trump and Binyamin Netanyahu meet in White House
Donald Trump and Binyamin Netanyahu meet in White House REUTERS

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu spoke to Israeli journalists on Tuesday about the immediate implications of the Trump Administration's newly revealed peace plan, stating that the first stage of applying sovereignty will be implemented immediately.

"Israel immediately receives American recognition for the application of Israeli law on the Jordan Valley and the Northern Dead Sea and all the settlements. All is included. Israel treats all settlements equally. The law in Itamar is the same as the law in Tel Aviv," Netanyahu declared.

The Prime Minister added that Israel is receiving US recognition of additional territories in Judea and Samaria, including land for the development of new towns and communities, The IDF will continue to control the entire area including access roads. No one will be displaced from his home. American recognition prevents international sanctions against Israel in response to annexation.

Netanyahu explained, "Applying Israeli law will be done in two steps. First, I will approve the government's decision at the upcoming meeting to apply Israeli law to the Jordan Valley and all settlements. After working in Israel and in coordination with the US, the Israeli law will be applied to additional areas. It's going to take some time."

"We will cancel the military administration over half a million Israelis in the settlements following the government's decision. After the implementation of Israeli law, all restrictions on construction and other issues will be removed," the prime minister promised.

Under the plan, all of Jerusalem within the security barrier will be recognized as Unified Jerusalem and the capital of Israel. The village of Kafr 'Aqab alone will be separated from the rest of Jerusalem. Not even one refugee or any of their descendants will enter Israel. Israel will continue to maintain security control of the territory west of the Jordan River.

Netanyahu further noted: "This is a revolutionary change compared to past plans. There are no threshold requirements from Israel to enter into negotiations, but only on the Palestinians. The Palestinians must disarm Hamas and disarm Gaza."

The demands of the Palestinian Authority are to stop the payments to terrorists, withdraw all complaints from the International Court of Justice, stop incitement against Israel and more. In addition, the United States will require the PA to recognize the State of Israel as a Jewish state, and to recognize Israel, including the places to which sovereignty has been applied.

Even if the PA agrees to all conditions, Israel will maintain control of the airspace and crossings