Oded Revivi
Oded ReviviYoni Kempinski

Efrat Mayor Oded Revivi said that the leaders of the Jewish communities of Judea and Samaria needed to take their time in responding to the unveling of President Trump's longg-awaited 'Deal of the Century.'

Revivi, who has been in continuous contact with US government representatives in Washington in recent days, said: "the proposed plan is not perfect; one the one hand, it enables great achievement for settlements and even acts a basis for a central part of them - but at the same time, the plan poses challenges that are not simple and will require us to think about how to deal with them, ;ike the recognition of a Palestinian state, the recognition of East Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital and more."

Revivi emphasized that from his perspective, "this is a defining moment where many of the goals set for the state and for the settlements are met. We must internalize that certain parts of life one can only dream of, while others are achievable."

"If we would have been told 20 years ago that these would be the achievements of the settlements - and that it would be by American recognition - we would have been considered fools*.We are certainly witnessing a sympathetic government for Israel that expresses clear support against B.D.S and other boycotts and stands beside Israel while other countries make anti-Semitic and hostile statements against the recognition of Israel as a Jewish state."

Revivi believes that the Israeli political system must immediately mobilize to leverage these achievements. "It is critical that both the current officiating government, and the government that will be established following the upcoming elections, will be united and driven to act in accordance with this plan so that we do not miss a historic opportunity.

"I urge the leaders of Judea and Samaria to sit together and make a decision on how to respond to the Trump plan"