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Many people do not know what it is or what is something so fundamental in the communication between machines as a proxy server. In the following post we will clarify certain concepts and explain the main characteristics.

Definition and operation

A proxy server is basically a device that performs the function of linking or intermediary between an end user and an external server. That is, a proxy server is that machine, physical or virtual, that is responsible for sending the information that we are trying to access with, for example, our usual browser, to the Internet, and that returns or not, we will explain this more.

How to create a proxy

Creating a proxy is a relatively simple process. We explain step by step how to do it quickly.

- You must first create a proxy server in the control panel; You have to add a proxy server.
- The next step is to select the node where you want to host this new server and assign it a certain name.
- Next you must select the HTTP protocol if the proxy server is going to handle requests, both to and from a specific web container. You also have to select the SIP login protocol, as long as the proxy server is going to address requests to and from a homonymous container.
- The fourth step of the process is to select a proxy server, on which you want to base your own proxy server.
- With these simple steps you have the process finished; You have created your own proxy server.

How to know my proxy server

Proxy servers, including rotating IP proxy servers, act as intermediaries between users and other servers. Well, there are many who wonder how to know my proxy server, the IP address. It is very simple.

You simply have to connect to the Internet and your proxy server, and open the web browser. Enter the What Is My IP Address and in a matter of seconds you will see your IP address on your PC screen.

Configure a proxy server

Another common issue among users has to do with how to configure proxy server. Let's see how to do it with Mozilla Firefox.

- Access the Firefox browser and click on the Firefox menu option> Preferences.
- Once in the advanced network settings panel, select Settings.
- The next step is to configure the connection data. Select the almost Manual proxy configuration and indicate your website by adding proxy. at the beginning; in the Port field it indicates 3333.

Common problems with proxy servers

Private residential proxies sometimes give problems. There are two relatively common ones that affect users: the connection to the server could not be established and the proxy server is rejecting connections.

- Unable to connect to the proxy server: the proxy server acts as an intermediary in connecting users to the Internet. In the vast majority of cases it is because a virus has tried to force the connection through a proxy.
- The proxy server is rejecting connections: this means that the proxy server is rejecting the connection with a certain web browser, such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, among others.

Filtering and storage.

Generally a proxy server is used to achieve greater security in connections with external equipment and to reduce the loading time of the information consulted. When exercising the function of intermediary, the proxy server is configured by means of certain filtering parameters, thanks to which, it will determine the information that we can receive in our local equipment in a safe way and what information can be dangerous. These parameters can be defined externally or by the companies themselves to limit access to pages not relevant to the daily work of employees, as well as pages potentially dangerous to the security of company documentation.

Secondly, the proxy server stores the information consulted on a recurring basis and generates a memory, called a cache. This allows the server to have the information already stored at the same time, and the page load time is much shorter. The proxy server should check with the external server for information on a regular basis to verify that the stored memory is still updated. In some situations, it’s recommended to use an extra proxy.

Hopefully this information is useful.