AbbasFlash 90

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas said in closed conversation with associates that he was particularly wary of President Donald Trump against the backdrop of the administration's Deal of the Century Mideast initiative.

Journalist Shimrit Meir reports that Abbas told Fatah Central Committee members that Trump is "a dog, son of a b**ch, a violent man who wants to force us into a program we're not interested in.

"The situation won't remain as it was. I won't be a traitor. Any of the Palestinian organizations that want to be with us - bless them, and those who do not - have been told their place is not here. Trump wants to impose something on us that we do not want.

"He won't threaten me. In the time I have left to live I won't be a traitor. I said no to the Deal of the Century - and I will continue to say no. I have refused to talk to him and I'll bear the consequences, no matter what they may be," added Abbas.

Abbas said he instructed the security forces not to interfere with protests against the plan. "We're going towards very difficult days. I've given the security forces an order not to interfere with any form of protest and not to arrive at the conflict zones."