Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is meeting this evening in the White House with U.S. President Donald Trump.

At the beginning of the meeting, the U.S. President said he hoped Israel would say 'yes' to peace in the Middle East.

He said he would present his full plan tomorrow. "If it is accepted it will be great and even if not, we can live with it."

The President also addressed Benny Gantz and said, "Netanyahu and Gantz are worthy competitors. I've been waiting for three election campaigns. What a strange system you have. We've been talking about the plan for a long time and we waited. We will host Gantz here so it won't interfere in the elections."

President Trump said: “We are going to be discussing Middle East Pace. We are going to be announcing a plan tomorrow at 12 o'clock. That’s a plan that Bibi maybe and his opponent, I must say they have to like very much. I can say in terms of Bibi, he does. I think in terms of his opponent, he does too. I'll be meeting with him in a little while.

“But this is a plan that's very important to peace in the Middle East. No matter where I went, they say Israel and the Palestinians, they have to make peace before you can really have peace in the Middle East. People have been working on this for many, many years and I think we're relatively close to that. We have to get other people to agree with it also. I will say many of the Arab nations have agreed to it. They like it, they think it's great. They think it's a big start.

"I think it's a big step too. I think it's a fantastic thing if we can pull it off. They say it's probably the most difficult deal anywhere and of any kind of. In the business world, when I was back in the business world, when the deal was tough, people would jokingly refer to it as this is tougher than Israel and the Palestinians getting together. And that's what I've heard all my life. And so we'll see what happens. We have something that makes a lot of sense for everybody and we appreciate your being here Mr Prime Minister."

Prime Minister Netanyahu responded: “Mr President, I just want to say two things. First that the deal is essentially a opportunity and we're not going to pass it by. And we'll talk about that tomorrow. Today I would just want to say thank you for everything you've done for the State of Israel. You've been the greatest man Israel had in the White House. I think tomorrow you can continue making history."

In the Rose Garden, President Trump was asked if he expects PM Netanyahu to implement the plan right away in the coming six weeks. "Well, I think he's here for a reason and hopefully that will be yes. Peace in the Middle East has been long sought for many, many, many years and decades and centuries. This is an opportunity. We'll see what happens. Whatever it is it is. But he's here for a reason."

The President was again asked if he would do you give a green light for annexation of the Jordan Valley within the coming months. "Tomorrow at 12 o'clock we're going to show a plan. It's been worked on by everybody and we'll see whether or not it catches all of them. It does, that'd be great. And if it doesn't, we can live with it too. But I think it might have a chance.

PM Netanyahu then spoke: "First of all, I'm very honored to be here. I look forward to making history with you tomorrow. I think we'll talk about the plan. I'll talk about the plan, the vision of peace which you put forward which is historic.

"I just want to say two words. Thank you. Thank you for everything that you have done for Israel."

Prime Minister Netanyahu said that under President Trump there has been “unprecedented security and intelligence co-operation,” between the two countries. "You have made our alliance stronger than ever."

Netanyahu thanked Trump for confronting the “most anti-Semitic regime” on the planet. “When you came into office Iran was on the march. Because of your leadership, Iran is now on the run."

PM Netanyahu thanked President Trump for withdrawing from “the dangerous nuclear deal”: "You slapped on tremendous sanctions. Two weeks ago you've taken out the most dangerous terrorist on the planet."

Netanyahu concluded: “Thank you Mr President for your bold decisions and your bold actions. On behalf of the State of Israel, I want to thank you everything that you have done for Israel.”

Netanyahu and Trump meet in White House
Netanyahu and Trump meet in White House Yoni Kempinski