Coronavirus depiction
Coronavirus depictioniStock

Health Minister Yaakov Litzman has signed a public health ordinance that adds the coronavirus to the list of infectious diseases.

Signing the order means that when necessary, forced hospitalization and quarantine of those suspected of having the virus will be possible.

Litzman noted that this was not an emergency declaration. "It is important for me to reassure the public that signing the order is not an emergency. It gives us the opportunity to take all the necessary steps when needed."

This afternoon, Sichuan Airlines announced it has canceled its flights to destinations around the world.

The directive was received by the company in Israel from company headquarters in China in light of the spread of the coronavirus and out of concern for its passengers.

This is the first airline to take this step, canceling flights on the Tel Aviv-China line.

Flights to Israel will be canceled from February 12 until February 26. The last flight in the near future will depart on February 9 and flights will resume on March 2.