Danon addresses UN Security Council
Danon addresses UN Security Council Spokesman

The UN Security Council convened today to discuss the Middle East situation with Israel's participation.

It marked the Council's first hearing since the leaders of the UK, France, and Germany decided to activate the dispute resolution mechanism in the nuclear agreement with Iran, following its repeated violations.

Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon, who dedicated his speech to the Iranian public, surprised those in the room when he spoke in Persian and said "Israel stands alongside the Iranian People".

Danon presented to council members the image of 14-year-old Nikita Espandani who was killed by regime officials when she took to the streets last November. "After the horrific murder, the regime tried to whitewash Nikita's death. At first they announced she died for other reasons and then forced her parents to say she died of poisoning."

Ambassador Danon praised the strength of the Iranian People and their heritage. "Our Persian neighbors have a rich legacy that they should be proud of. The Persian People led the declaration of human rights, helped abolish slavery, and gave people the right to choose their religion. Water systems, algebra, animation, and chess are all Iranian inventions.

"It is unbelievable how big the gap between the spectacular history and the current regime is. It is an absurdity that the people who invented human rights and acted for religious freedom are controlled by a regime that tramples both. The international community must not stand aside while the Iranian regime silences, imprisons, and executes its citizens," added the Israeli Ambassador.

U.S. Ambassador Kelly Kraft said in her speech that "the Council should focus on an actor who hurts everyone and sows chaos, violence, and hate in the Middle East. Although it repeatedly calls for an attack on Israel, Iran is not talked about in the Security Council. After attacking the oil tankers, the Council was silent, after supporting the Houti forces, the Council was silent. The inability to act against Iran sends a bad message to the world and encourages instability in the region."

Kraft added "I've said it before and will repeat: Israel has no better friend than the United States. We will continue to mention Israel's contribution and the Iranian threat."